Project info

The beginning of this project

  • The football fitness concept was chosen as there are many studies behind the positive effect for the health
  • Normally gym, walking, swimming etc. are the only offered activities to the older persons, but team sports are effective, social and fun!

The aim of the project

  • “6-0! – Promoting health through recreational football” is focusing on enhancing physical activity with aging people through recreational football activities.
  • Target group age 60 years + : 50 persons / partner –  25 in training group; 25 in control group
  • The project aims to enhance health and functional ability via fun physical and social activity
  • The final goal of the project is to introduce this model as a permanent practice for the age group 60+

Timetable for the 6-0! project

  • 2 year Erasmus+ Sport funded project
  • Spring 2019 agreeing the rules and planning for the actions
  •  Autumn 2019 recreational football activities on each 5 participant country
  • 25 person in training group / 25 in control group
  • Person 60 years and over are targeted to the activities
  • Spring 2020 analysis of the results
  • Autumn 2020 publishing the results
  • Guidebook
  • Multiplier sport events